Want Juice

Inexplicably, the electricity is out at my apartment building while the rest of the block continues their powered-up lives.  This leaves me to deploy candles and pirate a wireless connection for entertainment from my only battery-operable device.  I wonder if I could run my fridge off my laptop battery if I had to?  If nothing else, it’d be an interesting experiment in frying my computer.

Theoretically, I could survive without power indefinitely, seeing as lights, fans, razors, etc. are basically luxury goods.  Even those things I could simply use at work, going early to ready myself, if it really became necessary.  In Kim Stanley Robinson’s global warming novels, there’s a lot of different catastrophe coping methods explored (houselessness, freeganism, powerless living in suburbia), and I like to thank I could swing it.

But who knows? I’m pretty bougie.  For instance, I’ll be damned if I stay here without any fans, I’m gonna go find a bar.

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