Clever Artists

Photo from monkeycycle. Thanks!

TXTris: People text in messages, which then drop down onto the Toronto skyline, which fragments the words as letters fall to different depths, stacking tetris-style. I’m sure this can be a metaphor for many things, but lets set textual analysis aside and just agree that this is really cool.


Chatting For the Greater Good

If strikes are caused by asymmetric information between companies and unions, then the easy solution is to eliminate the asymmetry: require companies to share all their financial information with union reps. It’s not ‘fair’ in that companies would still have no way of knowing the unions true willingness to strike, but I regard that as […]

In Space, no one wants your Domes

Photo from Docent X. Thanks!

i-eclectica brings news of the RMF radio station in Poland, which, though terrestrial, perfectly represents the space colony archtype: modular construction, domes, shiny steel, glass, and concrete, airlock-like entrances, exposed mechanical systems, etc. It makes the Trekkie in me squeal. However, I’m thankful they built it on Earth because […]

Charitable Quantz

I once had a very long philosophical conversation about this very issue with a homeless man at a greyhound station. He was not amused; he was hungry. I still don’t understand the best behavior. There’s too many tradeoffs involved:

immediate vs long term action individual vs collective efforts personal vs structural change

Of course, right […]


is what I originally wanted to call this blog, as I’m a fan of Lucien Kroll, who used the term to describe his work.

Shown above is La Meme, a medical student dormitory in Brussels that is pretty amazing.

Internal partitions are movable so that spaces can be rearranged to match […]


I found an excerpt from this graphic story (is “comic” an insult?) called 976 sq ft. at Life Without Buildings, which “tells the tale of a modern residential tower rising in a quickly gentrifying neighborhood” and it’s detrimental psychological impact on a couple across the street, and I felt a little guilty. Half of my […]

Spam as Art

Here’s an excerpt from the best spam comment I’ve received here at After Corbu:

Studies have the past gadoversetamide policies or of drinking detail. Views of the source of time gadoxetic acid when an galantamine interview. From the infect another an active galdansetron syndrome.

It will from those gallamine triethiodide new health influences. The two […]

A Box Office Smash

Today’s NY Times article on how animated animal blockbusters distort/fabricate animal gender roles is fascinating, especially when it starts imagining what a realistic Bee Movie would include:

Should a queen fly by, she may be mobbed by a dozen or more males, each seeking the chance to love her to death: bee flinging, like bee […]

Awake to Iberia

Work has been kicking my ass, and I’ve neglected my pontification. So sad. Instead, I offer you Spain boosterism:

Photo by tigrejones. Thanks!

I’m not a fan of the weird column capital detailing at La Sagrada Familia, but these tree columns are pretty cool. I’m not really clear on how one designs them — […]

Centripetal Forces

Not to be confused with Centipetal Forces, the militia units of the the Centipede army.

This xkcd got me thinking: High school physics, where most kids are told about the fictitious status of centrifugal forces, generally sticks to Newtonian physics. This makes sense because pre-modern, F=ma primitivism are the most useful sort of physics to […]

Suburban Racism Googling

Crazy shit from 2006 from my wife’s research into racism in LA housing:

I am 34, married with 2 kids and have accepted a new job in Los Angeles. I’d like to live in a White suburb, do you have any recommendations?

Oh no he didn’t! And then:

I turned down the job.

After […]