Suburban Racism Googling

Crazy shit from 2006 from my wife’s research into racism in LA housing:

I am 34, married with 2 kids and have accepted a new job in Los Angeles. I’d like to live in a White suburb, do you have any recommendations?

Oh no he didn’t!  And then:

I turned down the job.

After seeing those Mexicans making a ruckus on the freeway on the news I realized it isn’t a safe place. I also read that prisoners are deported after their sentences back to Mexico and then they simply return to America to rape/murder again.

It’s unfortunate also that California is now apparently, “Aztlan”. What the HECK is that?

Ah.  A silver lining to Richard Beddington’s racism: he gets to be some other city’s problem.  Of course, according to the 2000 census, 35% of LA County’s white people live in areas that are 75% white or more.  So it’s not like there’s a dearth of places where white people can escape the brown menace.  And if  75% is too colorful for you?  Well there’s always Malibu or Huntington Beach where residents are proudly pushing towards 90%.

The extremely diverse, Latino-majority city core has fueled the “white minority” narrative, but the truth is that there’s still a lot of white folk, and they tend to segregate themselves.  So nostalgia for the good ol’ days of racial covenants seems a little displaced.  Oh, and pretty disgusting too.

4 comments to Suburban Racism Googling

  • My thoughts exactly. But then, I missed the memo about how we’re all supposed to be scared of Latinos. Silly me.

  • I always prefer it when they speak openly. In kkkanada, where some white neighbourhoods end up seeming mixed because the white folks are way too courteous to actually let anyone know they weren’t expecting to live alongside darkies, they would never even consider sending such an upfront email to another white person. They’re much more passive aggressive about their virulent racism. :)

  • I’ve never seen the “kkkanada” construction before; thought all the virulent racists were south of the border in “Amerikkka.”

    Why must you shatter my fantasy of this magical place of clean streets and harmonious living? To where will I draft dodge now?

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