Awake to Iberia

Work has been kicking my ass, and I’ve neglected my pontification. So sad. Instead, I offer you Spain boosterism:

Crazy Detailed Columns at La Sagrada Familia
Photo by tigrejones. Thanks!

I’m not a fan of the weird column capital detailing at La Sagrada Familia, but these tree columns are pretty cool. I’m not really clear on how one designs them — I guess the branching columns stabilize the node like a 3D truss (?) meaning that you design for buckling along an unbraced length running from the node to the floor or roof — but I don’t even care. They’re infinitely more exciting than that faux Greek style that every bank is required to use. I want.

OMG! Graffiti with, like, so many layers!
Photo by graham akins. Thanks!

I think this is graffiti of a militant bellpepper sporting graffiti of himself. Totally awesome…and totally adorable. If the left has these dudes the Republicans would just have to surrender.

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