Spam as Art

Here’s an excerpt from the best spam comment I’ve received here at After Corbu:

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It goes on like this for 5 more paragraphs with all the underlined ‘words’ links, all impossible to pronounce gibberish.  I find it incredible that this sort of mass email/comment could make anyone money.  Instead, I prefer to think of it as the avant garde art form of the internet, with thousands of brooding teenagers sending out their misunderstood missives on penis enlargement every night.  Sure, people call them weird and deranged, but the Dadaists were misunderstood as well.

My secret hope is that their will be a hidden message in spam, written in some code that I will decipher, bringing me eternal fame.  Today “John” posted this 9 times:

Hi, there!..5696926228b3bf0f3fc53e743ed8faec

Clearly, I said to myself, John has something he wants to tell me in hexidecimal.  I quickly google up a translator and find… the message is still gibberish.  Oh John!  How you play with my fragile emotions!

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