Radical Primary Schedule Suggestions

The current primary scheduling practice is aimed at empowering theoretical swing states to ensure a moderate nominee with wide electoral appeal. That’s great and all, but if we really thought the Blue Dog states should choose the president, then why not just run a Zel Miller/Lieberman ticket and be done with it?

It’s the Democratic […]

Franchise Karma

While I’m sympathetic to complaints about voter disenfranchisement in Florida, as A) voters didn’t choose to move up their primary and risk DNC sanctions and B) the Iowa/New Hampshire primary hegemony definitely needs to be overthrown, given that the proximate result is to bolster the campaign of the less progressive candidate…too bad. I only wish […]

The Painting I Most Want To Steal

The Town by Victor Servranckx

Defending Corbu’s Honor

I’m unhibernating this blog to defend modernism against all comers. So watch out.

From the Right: “…essentially chilly and faintly inhuman” you say? Not true Sir!

The first clue that this critique is daft is that it’s also made by the Lethal Weapon franchise. (And as a structural engineer, let me take this moment to […]

Corbu Wants You

…to enjoy the relaunch of After Corbu, now complete with:

consistent posting! actual discussion of the politics of space + structure! heretofore unknown brilliance! more structural engineering nuts and bolts (sorry) than ever before! more (!) punctuation!!!

So sit back, grab some horchata, and enjoy.


Women’s Ad-Lib

The Onion has apparently seized control of NOW. Funny that I don’t recall similar hyperbole from ’04 when Kennedy went with Kerry over Carol Mosley Braun…

Data vs. Emotion

I’m constantly impressed with how many debates can be reduced to this fundamental conflict. Mike talks about this conflict within the abortion debate, and it’s pretty clearly active in arguments over death penalty, rehabilitation vs. punishment, drug treatment vs. criminalization, immigration — all the crime & punishment issues.

Compare this to economic policy, where conservatives […]