Buildering For All

I’m a big fan of scalable architecture — go ahead and throw ladders, spiral stairs, fireman poles, terraces, monkey bars, ropes, balconies, slides, whatever up your buildings (like La Meme!). It ‘tames’ steep vertical rises making them comprehensible to users and passer-bys….and it’s just fun for getting inside to involve Rube Goldberg like complexity.

Apparently, people more daring than I aren’t satisfied with waiting for architects to start designing walkable cladding and are just climbing the facades as is. A friend came over with LA Climbs in hand, and I had to read it all look at the pictures.

It charts prime climbing spots in some of the LA areas most famous buildings: Griffith Observatory, Disney Concert Hall, Case Study #22 (aka “That House From All Those Ads”), After Corbu favorite Schindler House (and every other important modernist home), Bradbury Building, the LAX restaurant (you’ll get arrested), and, of course, the Hollywood Sign. If nothing else, the author has exquisite taste in structures, and gets props for choosing so many modern buildings — those clean lines make for sparse handholds.

No climbing for me anytime soon — there’s a reason I do buildings with math not tools, and it rhymes with plumsy — but I hope it takes off. If I don’t look out my office window someday to see some fool spidering there way up the exterior with nary a rope in sight, I’ll be severely disappointed.

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