The Once and Future Senator?

I was sad to see Edwards go since he’s been my candidate since the beginning, but it does make my upcoming California primary vote easier to figure: Zombie Lyndon Johnson.

But given that the difference between a Clinton and Obama presidency is probably less than the difference between a Democratic senate with a 55 and 60 seat majority, Edwards’s drop out could be for the best if he let himself be drafted to take on Elizabeth Dole for Senate.

Apparently, the North Carolina senate filing deadline isn’t until 2/29.  That means it’s possible Edwards could wait to see if a clear presidential nominee emerges on February 5th, evaluate his position re: VP, cabinent, etc. and then announce.  He has huge name recognition and a national fundraising base, so I doubt the late entry would be a problem.

I can wish can’t I?  60 senate seats isn’t too much to ask…

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