Anxious Watching

My wife had a school deadline earlier today and amidst technological malfunctions is trying to get her stuff turned while it’s still today. I can’t really help except to suggest things she’s already tried every few minutes and passively experience all the builtup tension in the room. The downside to caring about people intensely: you get to live their bad days too! I was going to write about something else, but it felt to inappropriate amidst the suffering happening ten feet away.

Okay, better idea: I’ll start reading troubleshooting guides to Adobe Illustrator. That’ll make me feel helpful.

Update: Apparently, there was a bug in her Illustrator that, when saving 11×17 files in portrait orientation, caused the pdf to be 11×11. Rotating the original file to landscape orientation caused it to pdf-ize correctly. Great job on that one computer programmers. Real clever.

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