White People

I find the Stuff White People Like site humorous and…annoying? The site’s a little subversive since whiteness is the privileged norm and thus not generally subject to stereotyping, which makes reading it somewhat jarring — “these are people things…not white people things…but Whole Foods is so white…arggg!” but there’s not really enough critique to fill 70+ posts.

At a certain point the irony collapses into just doing whatever it is you’re doing, which in this case is making the longest “White people are like X, but Black people are like Y (laughter)” joke ever seen (with the last bit just implied). This is fine, if juvenile — incidentally my favorite parody of this kind of humor occurs in Wet Hot American Summer, which I presume will make it’s own debut on the White List soon (because white people just love Janeane Garofalo, isn’t that crazy? It’s funny because it’s true!).

Maybe this all just hits too close to home, what with all my ikea furniture and all, so I researched an alternative way of learning about the natural habits of white people, and I’m much happier now.

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