In my former life as a high school debater, I once faced a guy who kept accusing me of possessing “audacious audacity” to forward some argument (presumably meaning the words in the pejorative sense).  I’ve long since forgot the matter in dispute — but not the ridiculous word choice! — and so it was hard for me to take Barack Obama’s book seriously.  “The Audacious Audacity of Hope!  Who says that!?”  Since that’s the only reaction my mind is now able to have.

However, I was just gifted the book, and now it’s sitting on my coffee table, accusingly.  It is a book — and I like books — and it is Important — hence obligation — but…it’s a campaign book!  The equivalent of a 2-week infomercial (given my speed).  If I’m going to expend the effort required to read non-fiction, shouldn’t it be good?

Well, apparently it is good, so that simplifies matters.

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  • First, didn’t he win a best spoken word album grammy for that book?
    Second, just cause I’m bummin’ around the blogosphere, just have to drop this photo in here (from an old friend of mine, of his kid)

  • He did win…but I think it’s kinda a tragedy that audiobooks can win grammies — when I hear spoken word, I think of a punk/rap subgenre. But, yes, the book does have that going for it.

    Also: I like that photo because it looks like Obama has a faux-hawk, which would be utterly awesome. He’s already won the presidential hair primary, but that would put him on a whole other level.

  • Rosa goodness, tkanhs so much for all that feedback. Truth is, I don’t really consider my writer, but I do love using my skill with words to make connections between ideas and between people, to draw things together, and to dip into the words that will make others believe in what they write and who they are. I don’t know that it takes anything much it’s just what happens when I sit down to type! I haven’t been pushing the coaching much recently for various reasons, but I do need to update my services pages with what I’m offering, and maybe there’ll be a post in there somewhere too Lillie you’ve hit the nail bang on the head there. I’d love to be able to tell stories, but they stubbornly refuse to come out. Other words emerge instead. My words and my style. When I let them, they’re good. When I resist and try to be like others, or compare myself with their skill that’s where it all goes kerput. Focus on writing like myself’ is the only way to write well and to keep your own sanity. Thanks.Robert thank you for making that time, and hang in there friend!Kathryn thank you I wrote this as my personal experience of the theme, but I’m glad it’s resonated with others

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