Architectural Bling

Even though I was told recently that real engineers design buildings not bridges (the view a side effect of the long standing structures vs. civil schism) — and I have a strong disdain for Dubai’s nouveau riche gaudiness — it would be a fun to work on one of these super-bridges.  Long-span structures make it economical to use curvilinear members, which are a nice challenge to engineer — we get to break out our calculus (otherwise rarely used) and tailor members very specifically to the loads involved.

Tube Bridge!  Now with housing and retail.However, the real travesty of Fxfowle’s design is that its’ pretty derivative.  This is Dubai!  They’re supposed to be crazy!  Why not commission Soleri to build his twisted tubular bridge that also contains apartments, retail, and offices in it’s skin.  The first (and therefore biggest!) mixed use bridge seems more in Dubai’s style than settling for a Calatrava B-side.

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