Good Contractors

I’ve been desperately searching for a contractor blogger who I can vent work-related frustration on by harassing endlessly. Unfortunately, all I’ve managed to find is Tom Gerdy at Huffington Post shilling for Habitat for Humanity, so here’s my guilt-absolving link. And I’m sure most contractors have hearts of gold, but my antagonists today seemed to just be scheming to cut corners, bill for frivolous change orders, and generally get away with as little work as possible, which made me want to start firing pneumatic anchors at their heads. So I desperately need a patsy on who to unload my repressed rant. Bonus points if they’re also a redstate commenter…

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  • Tom Gerdy

    One of the big problems is that people think there is a free lunch. When it comes to building, you can’t buy the same product at the next street corner. If you work with people who have a good reputation and are committed to their community, you should be alright. You will have to pay a premium for a good contractor and a good job. It’s an investment, so look for the best.


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