The impressive facade stylings of Thom Faulders:

The work of Thom Faulder, the spiderman of architects
Airspace Tokyo

I like looking at architecture models, but check out the designers’ website above for the as-built version. This skin was developed for a new building, but what’s most exciting is its potential uses on existing structures. In LA, we love us some low-rise stucco box apartments, and while economical, they’re no one’s idea of high design (well, few people’s). The easiest way to mod this blight is to attach lightweight structures to the exterior –no demolition, no retrofit, no loss of resident access.  Moreover, these typical apartments tend to have bad insulation, too little privacy, and only token transitions between indoors and out — all problems that a perforated facade can address, by acting as a sun and privacy screen.

See Loud Paper for the conceptual basis for the Airspace Tokyo design, which utilized computer algorithms — giving me hope that I’ll one day be able to put my killer programming skills in long-defunct programming languages (fortran) to use on something more exciting than my moment of inertia calculator.

4 comments to Arachnotexture

  • It is a residential low-rise building project very interesting.

  • Monshe L. R.

    I tend to agree with Mauriceen, buy tend to disagree with Quixote,

    These are buildings that deserve respect, but at the same time should find ways of resolving their issues.

    -Stop being an ass hoole Quixote

  • ass hoole?

    Monshe FTW!

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