Don’t Hate the Player

More evidence of the delusional nature of Clinton supporters:

YouTube Preview Image

…and the youtube primary continues to go to Obama in a landslide.

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  • jeremy clagett

    You’re absolutely right. It’s amazing how delusional these people are.

    Why do the Clinton’s always get credit for the economic successes of the 90’s? The good times were largely a result of the dot com boom (which the Clinton administration can’t possibly be credited with, no matter what Gore said about inventing the internet.)

    Furthermore, I’d be willing to say the Clinton’s can, on some level, be blamed for many of the problems our country is currently experiencing (at least in the context that they largely ignored the issues). Global warming, border control, health care. These are all things that should have been solved during this economically successful period, not while we’re at war and in a recession.

    Face it Clinton supporters, they dropped the ball big time. Instead of actually solving our problems when we had a budget surplus, peace, etc, our country was forced to focus on the president cheating on his wife and lying to the country about it.

    I mean, come on. Gore is now a huge spekesman for climate change, but why didn’t he REALLY do something, you know, when he had the power to do something.

    The only thing the Clinton’s have experience in is ignoring problems until they can’t be ignored any longer, and then blaming some “right wing conspiracy” when poeple call them out on their mistakes.

    Fuck the Clintons; the superdelegates better get this one right.

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