Begging: Not actually a mean thing that poor people do to rich people to annoy them

Sadly, today my hopes that public transit would be a panacea for anti-social behavior were, once again, dashed. PT: not a sufficient condition for people to develop enough affinity for their fellow man to avoid being mean to beggers.

Today, as I left the metro a woman was asking for money for food. Not uncommon. […]

The Ayn Rand School for Tots

Do you think if I named my charter school this, there’s enough diehard Simpsons fans out there to populate it with hilarious children? Second question, could we still get the money if we fake-added the Fountainhead to our curriculuum?

Update: Someone is already doing this in The City. Clever Hippies.


1000 Coders at 1000 Typewriters

While doing ‘research’ into computer gaming lore, I stumbled onto this map of Quake’s children:

Mostly, I don’t understand how there could possibly be so much variation in the first-person shooter genre. I mean, you’re basically (only?) holding a gun and shooting things; how different can electroquake be from ezquake?

All this to say, […]

Add Another to the Black List

See Ezra try to take food out of my (hypothetical) child’s mouth by downplaying the very real danger of the earthquake menace with his “Robots! Robots!” flimflam. In reality these things are not competitive, as the worst robots are brought by quake.

But really: setting most of the snark aside, unless you live or work […]