Quixote To Be Kicked Around No More

Terrorist Fist Jabs of the Past

In case it hasn’t been obvious for some time, I’ve all but shuttered this blog.  I just don’t have the time to post enough to make this project real to me, if that makes sense.  I would be interested in some kind of group-blogging situation in the future, so feel free to email me about that.

I am also working on this sort of leftist housing networking site — radical crib — but the site goals & functionality are still both a little broken.  If and when that project comes together a bit more I’m sure I’ll return to talk about it at length.  Anyway.

If you came here expecting something exciting to read, this may strike you as quite a bummer, so let me suggest you head on over to the ‘ol blogroll for some choice content.

So Long.  Thanks for all the fish.

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