Happy 9/11 Cards?!

So I’m still not really blogging, but I got directed to check out this website that purports to sell 9/11 greeting cards, and wanted to talk about it. Maybe I’m just beyond outrage at this point, but the whole concept strikes me as pretty benign.

“Oh, people find this day tragic, but we’re going to tell you to be happy! ‘Cus that’s how cool & irreverent we are!”

To which I roll my eyes and ask if you’ve heard where the band name for Joy Division came from — edgily referencing tragedy to stir up interest or gain credibility has a long history and isn’t particularly creative. It just takes a certain chutzpah, and in the age of Cheney (4th branch of government, what!?) it’s somewhat difficult to be competitive on the chutzpah front.

That said, there’s a legitimate critique to made of the mythology of 9/11 as a uniquely horrible tragedy that has never been seen before in the history of the world. I mean, it’s still only the second-worst terrorism to happen on that date! Looking just at the quantity of deaths, we should clearly be more concerned with heart disease (650k). Of course that means talking about things like diet (but…I like cow!) and exercise (but…American Idol!) which isn’t nearly as sexy as a WAR ON TERROR.

Anyway, if 9/11 can be acceptably appropriated for pointless wars, then why not for glorified stationary? And if conservatives get angry, well I guess that shows where the real obsession with political correctness lies…

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