Paging Max Baucus

Well Put Clive:

The current [homeowner mortgage] deduction costs nearly $80 billion a year in forgone federal revenues. It is available only to the minority of households—typically affluent— that itemize their taxes. Households at the margin of choosing between renting and owning are not, for the most part, itemizers. The deduction has no effect on […]

Grade Beams FTW

They are just really fucking awesome at reducing moment frame deflection.

That is all.

Emerging Engineering Markets

Cat Ladders has a pretty great collection of vernacular pet architecture that has got me daydreamig about the spatial possibilties for a client that weighs <20lbs.

My neighborhood in Los Angeles is too near Griffith Park for any of the outdoor options to be feasible (we regularly see coyotes ambling down our street and the […]

‘Progress’ and Obsolescence

This was in 1999 and it was cutting edge to give a presentation with my partner contributing her half through IRC projected on a screen. (It’s the future now, so people project Twitter #hashtags.)

Hilarious, since IRC is still clearly the better choice for classroom projection. It’s hella confusing to watch stray tweets come in […]

Column Drop Caps Done Right

A beautiful way to limiting punching shear problems. Radial control joints along the bottom of the drop are a nice accent.

National Technical Library Prague photo by vtr do

You can’t change gridlines in midspan

While I agree with Archidose that this video is a wonderful way of presenting the design concept and understand that this house is just a study in the use of wood structural panels and not intended for construction, the engineer in me groaned at the way in which the walls were completely discontinuous across […]

Business Opportunities in Reading

I think it’s more evidence for Cheap Talk’s application of the binding constraint to the pricing of writing (usually free) that when an author can identify a desired class of readers (lefty professors and journalists) and verify they have read the work (force them to write reviews), they are willing to pay. And I like […]

Orszagatron Comics Released!

Superhero webmaster Ethical Werewolf releases Captain Ineffective poking fun at the health care process generally and Max Baucus specifically. I’m all for that, but hope future comics will do more to feature android-Orszag fighting evil with…graphs? Charts? Really sharp graphs?

The Left Hand of Feminism

When an article begins with the line “Modern women are turning their husbands into ‘male-female hybrids’…”, it really needs to be about an evil Doctress Frankenstein creating genetic monstrosities beyond the wildest dreams of Ursula Le Guin.

Very disappointing to find out that the problem’s just that the women are all uppity and so now […]

Very Baudrillard

“…the execs are aboard a pair of helicopters racing vertiginously 150 feet over collapsed buildings, desert-camouflage Humvees, and the muddy rivers that once cradled civilization. It’s like being plunged into the dense, dizzying pixels of an Xbox game.”

I can’t tell if this is a joke or if Wired writers just typically treat video games […]

The Rochdale Society of Equitabe Pioneers

I started reading this book on cooperative stores called “Cooperative Store” because some friends were tossing around ideas, and was surprised to find out that it’s actually a nicely republished book from 1867 about cooperative stores in England in the mid-1800s. Clealry that’s going to be less useful to mine for information about the ins […]

Redesign Deployment In Progress

Site’s going to be offline for a bit while I convert it to the new awesomeness. Yes this is what I do after midnight on a Friday. What can I say, I’m a sick human being.

In the interim, go watch this.

Update: And we’re back. Still some issues to work out so we’ll stick […]

Mind Sandwich Time

Regardless of our current political differences, I had a good experience with boy scouts. But these kids make me jealous:

Jesus Saves, I Spend

So basically Obama decided to nationalize an up and coming Creationist theme park company just because a good Christian man was trying to steer clear of evil loan sharks taxes. Neil thinks that’s going to be a problem, but I have to ask: don’t Creationists deserve a public option too?


Your Data Is Dated

I’m a little frustrated, because supporters of stock or currency transaction taxes – actual card-carrying Economists, not just moonlighting engineers like myself – have written many compelling books and articles on the contributions of short-term investors to market volatility and the ability of transaction taxes on trades to forcibly lengthen investor horizons. However, opponents of […]

The Limited Utility of Urban Lakes

Echo Park, Los Angeles photo by newsphotog2.

I was in Echo Park (the gentrifying neighborhood of LA) today and was struck by how hobbled Echo Park (the park) is by it’s gigantic lake that easily takes up 90% of the park’s area. Absurd! Among the 50 largest US cities, Los Angeles ranks 41st […]