The Rochdale Society of Equitabe Pioneers

I started reading this book on cooperative stores called “Cooperative Store” because some friends were tossing around ideas, and was surprised to find out that it’s actually a nicely republished book from 1867 about cooperative stores in England in the mid-1800s. ¬†Clealry that’s going to be less useful to mine for information about the ins and outs of current coops — and really should teach me a lesson about odering books based on their titles and not bothering to read the descriptiont, as early this month I ended up with the cliffnotes to Malcolm X rather than the actual biography. ¬†In any case, the founding statement of one of the first English cooperatives, The Rochdale Society of Equitabe Pioneers, is still right on:

  1. The erection of a store for provisions, groceries, and clothing materials;
  2. The building, or otherwise obtaining, of a number of houses, in which such members may dwell as shall find it easier or pleasanter to dwell together;
  3. The adoption of rules, agreed upon by the Society, for the assistance of such members as are out of employment, either on account of an unjust lowering of their wages, or from any other cause;
  4. The renting or possession of a farm, or several farms; likewise for the purpose of furnishing employment to such members as are out of work;
  5. The Society will use every endeavor to increase and to profitably employ its capital, to educate the children, and, above all, to advance the power and prosperity of the community.”

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