Thank you RISA

Because of you, when the boss catches us having rubber band fights we can always just say: “I’m iterating for p-delta.”

Similar to coders really.

Update: It’s embarrassing when you misspell the punchline.

Counter-revolutionary design

What If New York City 3 by Studio Lindfors

This is pretty awesome, but it would make it much harder to use the political & economic disruption of a precipitous rise in sea levels to stage a world revolution.

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Used to say you were flawed if you weren’t free

Not that she let’s John Edwards completely off the hook, but this passage by Caitlin Flanagan describing Rielle Hunter is appalling:

…his (former) mistress, a known hellcat who has been flummoxing boy-men since the ’80s and whose rage over Elizabeth’s book is held in check only (and here I’m admittedly basing my speculation largely on […]

The electoral vanguard will not be uninsured

I know that chicken little can be a useful role to play, and I want to see the health care debate pushed left as much as the next blogger, but I also feel bound to abide by certain numbers. The collective blow-up over Baucus’s bill (see TPM, Pandagon, NMMNB, & LGM), while completely justified on […]

Bacon-wrapped hot dogs

chinatown03 by Juan23

LA hot dogs should really be added to this list. Even my vegetarian wife agrees that when you wrap hot dogs in bacon and serve with fried onions and peppers you have achieved a superior product. Take that New York.


The New After Corbu

If you are self-employed, and therefore actually visit the website of blogs you read — as opposed to the rest of us who use RSS readers to mask with javascript our non-work-related internet usage — than you have no doubt noticed that this blog has changed it’s look a bit.

The new header features a […]

Sin Taxes for the Financial Industry

I really wished Jeff Frankel blogged more since economists have established an (undeserved) reputation in the media as John Hodgman-style general experts, but the prominent ones who aren’t named Krugman skew decidedly right and reinforce the laissez faire conventional wisdom. That said, Frankel came through today with a post on the head of Britain’s financial […]

On Pacifism As Pathology

a softer world 470 by e horne and j comeau

I’m in a ‘social justice book club’ because I’m some sort of nerdy hippie and we’re reading Pacifism as Pathology by Ward Churchill, a book I found very persuasive in my younger, harder years. Predictably, I’m less impressed by the book upon re-reading. […]