The New After Corbu

If you are self-employed, and therefore actually visit the website of blogs you read — as opposed to the rest of us who use RSS readers to mask with javascript our non-work-related internet usage — than you have no doubt noticed that this blog has changed it’s look a bit.

The new header features a shot of Le Corbusier’s Plan Voison, which is a big more relevant than the Chefchaouen picture that was up before.  Their is now an After Corbu flickr page, with photos from buildings I visit or images from models I create.  I’m not as interested in pictures of complete buildings, as they hide so much, and will try to post my favorite pictures of the contruction process.

There’s also a few new areas to this site, which you can browse at your leisure:

  • About – a general statement of purpose.
  • Archives – I found a sweet little module that lays out old posts graphically very nicely.
  • Links – the ol’ blogroll can now be found here.

It’s still a WordPress blog, despite my rumblings about switching to Drupal. I had contemplated the switch because — and if you care nothing for web design, feel free to tune out at this point — I’m planning on having different content types on this site, namely Posts, Pictures, Links, & Graphs, and WordPress is not a natural CMS like Drupal.  However, I ultimately decided to put the pictures on an After Corbu flickr page and will soon start adding little micro-posts of graphs & links, which will be differentiated from blog posts by simply overloading the post category feature of WordPress.  It’s not as slick as using a real CMS, but it’s also easier than migrating posts and comments.

Anyway, enjoy!

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