They make the jokes too easy

The Architect’s Newspaper mistakenly lists the projected cost of the LA 101 freeway cap park at $1 trillion instead of $1 billion. Come on architects, these are easy numbers…

Update: The landscape architects got it right.


Not forever…just for now

I thought this Ruffini health care retrospective began well, but what I don’t understand is once you admit to yourself that there are market failures that hurt people that government can ameliorate…where does that leave you? Patrick says: “On health care, I have no idea what our basic guiding principle is. Seriously, I don’t.” This […]

Also refute the premise


“Let me get this straight,” the liberals respond. “You want us to throw batting-practice fastballs, off a regulation mound, to batters holding rocket launchers while we’re in the field; but when we come to the plate, you expect us to hit doctored balls thrown off a spiked Little League mound with wooden bats, or […]

Even babies fall victim to Godwin’s Law

Photo from Potency by Nina Maria Kleivan

Nina Maria Kleivan:

You need to be conscious that your actions have consequences that impact on your fellow human beings. The people I let my daughter portray didn’t give a damn about the human cost, the casualties, their thoughts caused.

The responsibility is yours alone. You […]

We got a real Horatio Alger story here

It’s good to know that after failing at everything else in your life you can covert to conservatism and become wealthy and famous peddling righteous indignation at invented victimizations. The right-wing blogosphere is like a giant performance art piece critiquing American Meritocracy.