Also refute the premise


“Let me get this straight,” the liberals respond. “You want us to throw batting-practice fastballs, off a regulation mound, to batters holding rocket launchers while we’re in the field; but when we come to the plate, you expect us to hit doctored balls thrown off a spiked Little League mound with wooden bats, or you’re gonna call us hypocrites?”

“Pretty much.

I enjoyed this metaphor tremendously, but it’s also important to note that what Obama did today is substantively different than Bush’s signing statements.  Obama’s order details how the existing anti-abortion provisions of the heath care legislation will be enforced, whereas Bush’s statements would typically indicate provisions that he planned on ignoring as unconstitutional per his administration’s warped view of their national security powers.

The former reflects a correct view of the executive’s roll in enforcing laws, while the latter is an immoral power grab.

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