I found an excerpt from this graphic story (is “comic” an insult?) called 976 sq ft. at Life Without Buildings, which “tells the tale of a modern residential tower rising in a quickly gentrifying neighborhood” and it’s detrimental psychological impact on a couple across the street, and I felt a little guilty. Half of my […]

Animal Farm Now

I put my cat to sleep yesterday. She was old and had multiple health problems and had been sick to varying degrees as long as I’ve known her, but…it still hurt a lot. A lot more than I thought it would, given that I knew this would happen eventually.

I wasn’t going to blog about […]

Nerds Becoming Tools

I roll my eyes at skyscrapers, looking down (while looking up) at their ostentatious display. They are the MySpace of architecture; scandalous pursuits of the nouveau rich. Of course, I do have substantive objections (see this post), but mostly: they’re gaudy.

However, they have a deep appeal to my inner engineer. Building in extreme environments […]

More Spatial Blogging

To continue today’s focus on the Space Hijackers, here’s a part of their manifesto that I found compelling:

Users of space are disturbing elements that enter into architecture, they are something random that the architect cannot design. To compensate for this, space is designed to control and manipulate its users into harmony with their surroundings. […]

Inconsistent Paternalism

Matt Zeitlin makes the case that doctors refusing to give tubal ligations to women under thirty is okay because:

…everyone under 30 could use some soft paternalism, and permanent decisions of this nature ought to be extensively thought through, and then thought through some more. Doctor’s also have extensive personal and collective wisdom on this […]