Buildering For All

I’m a big fan of scalable architecture — go ahead and throw ladders, spiral stairs, fireman poles, terraces, monkey bars, ropes, balconies, slides, whatever up your buildings (like La Meme!). It ‘tames’ steep vertical rises making them comprehensible to users and passer-bys….and it’s just fun for getting inside to involve Rube Goldberg like complexity.

Apparently, […]

Defending Corbu’s Honor

I’m unhibernating this blog to defend modernism against all comers. So watch out.

From the Right: “…essentially chilly and faintly inhuman” you say? Not true Sir!

The first clue that this critique is daft is that it’s also made by the Lethal Weapon franchise. (And as a structural engineer, let me take this moment to […]

Clever Artists

Photo from monkeycycle. Thanks!

TXTris: People text in messages, which then drop down onto the Toronto skyline, which fragments the words as letters fall to different depths, stacking tetris-style. I’m sure this can be a metaphor for many things, but lets set textual analysis aside and just agree that this is really cool.


In Space, no one wants your Domes

Photo from Docent X. Thanks!

i-eclectica brings news of the RMF radio station in Poland, which, though terrestrial, perfectly represents the space colony archtype: modular construction, domes, shiny steel, glass, and concrete, airlock-like entrances, exposed mechanical systems, etc. It makes the Trekkie in me squeal. However, I’m thankful they built it on Earth because […]


is what I originally wanted to call this blog, as I’m a fan of Lucien Kroll, who used the term to describe his work.

Shown above is La Meme, a medical student dormitory in Brussels that is pretty amazing.

Internal partitions are movable so that spaces can be rearranged to match […]


I found an excerpt from this graphic story (is “comic” an insult?) called 976 sq ft. at Life Without Buildings, which “tells the tale of a modern residential tower rising in a quickly gentrifying neighborhood” and it’s detrimental psychological impact on a couple across the street, and I felt a little guilty. Half of my […]

Awake to Iberia

Work has been kicking my ass, and I’ve neglected my pontification. So sad. Instead, I offer you Spain boosterism:

Photo by tigrejones. Thanks!

I’m not a fan of the weird column capital detailing at La Sagrada Familia, but these tree columns are pretty cool. I’m not really clear on how one designs them — […]

Flickr: Skyscrapers

Ohhhh, pretty shiny things!

Mostly this Flickr group is definitive proof that no matter how garish the building, it will look cool as a 3-point perspective. I mean, check this out:

Photo by syd delicious. Thanks!

A pretty boring box made compelling and dramatic by perspective (though that column capital is sweet detailing). Which […]


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bike in a madressa by tigrejones. Thanks!

Sometimes, I just want to be riding a bike through the souks of Marakesh.


Localized Simulacra

I have been to Disneyland three times.

First, as a child, an experience I do not remember. I am told I sat down in the parking lot and declared I was going to die if I had to walk any farther. My hatred for parking lots started early.

Second, as a teenager to participate in […]

Light Pollution

The International Dark-Sky Association (warning: garish site design) defines light pollution as:

Any adverse effect of artificial light, including sky glow, glare, light trespass, light clutter, decreased visibility at night, and energy waste.

I first heard about these guys when a commenter in Architectural Record complained that a picture caption that lauded a building for […]

Where the phallacies have no name

…except, possibly “U2 Tower.” <Cringe>

It’s like the gods could tell I was looking for content and sent Pax Corey, prophet that he is, along to proclaim the wonder attrocity that is this planned Dublin development. Of course it’s not so much phallic as cheese-grater-ish, but regardless represents a huge departure (at least in this […]

Hitting the Big Time

Now that After Corbu is the #74 Architecture Blog on the web, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate all the readers of this site. Clearly you are a brilliant bunch, or you wouldn’t visit such an awesome site.

I jest (re: my ego, not your intelligence), but I am legitimately excited when anyone […]

Meier does Dallas

The Rachofsky House: a modernist bachelor pad turned private art gallery (site of the previously mentioned Death-by-Meta show).

Lots of Meier trademarks here: white, strict adherence to a visibly articulated grid, sterile. To my eyes, very beautiful as an art piece (as a home? Well…maybe not, but then this is the typical critique of […]

Also: Those Big Buildings?

They have a lot of pieces. A lot. And no matter how standardized they look from the outside, each piece somehow ends up being just a little bit different. And the steel fabricator sends you drawings of each one, based on the more general drawings you had sent them. If you send hundreds, they send […]

Virgin Galactic Spaceport

I know I see body parts everywhere in buildings, but tell me this doesn’t look like labia:

The facility is being design by Norman Foster to be built in New Mexico, and according to Good:

Flights would (will?) begin in 2009 and cost somewhere between $100,000 and $200,000. Just to be clear, the ships […]