They make the jokes too easy

The Architect’s Newspaper mistakenly lists the projected cost of the LA 101 freeway cap park at $1 trillion instead of $1 billion. Come on architects, these are easy numbers…

Update: The landscape architects got it right.


Even babies fall victim to Godwin’s Law

Photo from Potency by Nina Maria Kleivan

Nina Maria Kleivan:

You need to be conscious that your actions have consequences that impact on your fellow human beings. The people I let my daughter portray didn’t give a damn about the human cost, the casualties, their thoughts caused.

The responsibility is yours alone. You […]

Redesign Deployment In Progress

Site’s going to be offline for a bit while I convert it to the new awesomeness. Yes this is what I do after midnight on a Friday. What can I say, I’m a sick human being.

In the interim, go watch this.

Update: And we’re back. Still some issues to work out so we’ll stick […]

Mind Sandwich Time

Regardless of our current political differences, I had a good experience with boy scouts. But these kids make me jealous:

A Question:

If I were to spend $500 and the next two weeks of my life on this:

Would that be just awesome?


Would it be the most brilliantly awesome thing in the history of humanity?

I really just can’t decide…

I can haz perpetual motion?

We have the waterfalls.

We have the technology–>

So how about we just solve this whole energy crisis right now?

Welcome to Art Class

Urban-ism has a nice roundup of some standouts from culture jamming genre, the best of which are the Homeless street signs in Toronto by Mark Daye, a graphic design student. My favorite sign is at right.

Culture jamming actually being practiced in the world (as distinct from that practiced in glossy mags) makes me extremely […]

The Painting I Most Want To Steal

The Town by Victor Servranckx

Clever Artists

Photo from monkeycycle. Thanks!

TXTris: People text in messages, which then drop down onto the Toronto skyline, which fragments the words as letters fall to different depths, stacking tetris-style. I’m sure this can be a metaphor for many things, but lets set textual analysis aside and just agree that this is really cool.


Spam as Art

Here’s an excerpt from the best spam comment I’ve received here at After Corbu:

Studies have the past gadoversetamide policies or of drinking detail. Views of the source of time gadoxetic acid when an galantamine interview. From the infect another an active galdansetron syndrome.

It will from those gallamine triethiodide new health influences. The two […]

Awake to Iberia

Work has been kicking my ass, and I’ve neglected my pontification. So sad. Instead, I offer you Spain boosterism:

Photo by tigrejones. Thanks!

I’m not a fan of the weird column capital detailing at La Sagrada Familia, but these tree columns are pretty cool. I’m not really clear on how one designs them — […]

Trickle-Down Charity

Pax Americana, in defense of deductable charitable donations for the arts:

The first [reason] is that deductions are an indirect subsidy to lots of people who aren’t rich, including the middle class, artists, and those that benefit from the research done by universities, which might end up including poor people. The second is that if […]

Steel Work

“Old-timer, keeping up with the boys. Many structural workers are above middle-age. Empire State [Building]” Photograph by Lewis Hine, 1930 (check out more of his work at the National Archives).

I’ve been spending most of my work-time on the engineering for a 700-foot steel building, and so it’s neat to see all the small […]

Meier does Dallas

The Rachofsky House: a modernist bachelor pad turned private art gallery (site of the previously mentioned Death-by-Meta show).

Lots of Meier trademarks here: white, strict adherence to a visibly articulated grid, sterile. To my eyes, very beautiful as an art piece (as a home? Well…maybe not, but then this is the typical critique of […]

Second Life imitating life faking art

Speaking of Chris Burden and meta-art, Spawn of the Surreal has good discussion on the imitation of famous art (including Burden’s Shoot) in Second Life. An appropriately snarky conclusion is reached:

Video killed the performance art stars. RIP.

Death by Meta: Art Ed.

There is a subset of contemporary art that is primarily concerned with self-examination and asks “what is art?” And then asks it again. And again. It’s a legitimate question — Tolstoy has a treatise on the subject — but I don’t see what the visual arts really add to the discussion.

I recently had the […]