Stone & Diamond Facades

Reading Reluctant Metropolis, I discover that the above Disney Concert Hall was originally intended to be clad in stone. This was later changed to steel as a cost-saving measure. Hard to imagine the building different than it is now, harder to believe Gehry was actually willing to go with a less space-age look.

This […]

I Am An Engineer

Picture from sam brown, explodingdog. Thanks!

The Societe Anonyme

I inadvertently wandered into this show twice, first at the Hammer and then the DMA, which I think of course makes me an expert on Dada art. I enjoyed many of the pieces, though they range from brilliant to 2nd grade macaroni art, and I love the Societe as an artist’s art museum; a wonderful […]

Uncool Graffito

I’m not the biggest Elliott Smith fan, but this is assholic. All the graffiti artists I know (and by all I mean both) take pains to avoid hitting anything that’s at all valuable — and there’s so many ugly urban surfaces available, it’s hardly very restricting. But it’s this kind of tomfoolery that gives street […]


I find this discussion of art and labor at Grammar.police interesting, but have nothing substantive to add. However, the Sturtevant Mona Lisa reminded me of the much superior Frank Zappa concert poster hanging on my wall, and I wanted to share:

I’m convinced it’s actually Frank Zappa dressed and positioned in a painstaking recreation […]

Stencil Art

Picture provided by AmazingK. Thanks!

This stencil is on a water tower near San Luis Obispo. Others can be found in Hollywood. I think they’re an impressive use of the medium, and that the artist needs to post more in-place pictures. Please.