Where the phallacies have no name

…except, possibly “U2 Tower.” <Cringe>

It’s like the gods could tell I was looking for content and sent Pax Corey, prophet that he is, along to proclaim the wonder attrocity that is this planned Dublin development. Of course it’s not so much phallic as cheese-grater-ish, but regardless represents a huge departure (at least in this […]

Alternative 9/11s

An Absolution Revolution tells of Mel Gibson’s defeat of the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297. This is similar to my approach to dealing with 9/11, which is to talk about the lesser known atrocities of the date, and try to counteract America’s 9/11 hyperbole via context. Except Jason went with a […]

The Jeely Piece Song

To continue my skyscraper hating, here’s a humorous song quoted in A Pattern Language to allow the children of Glasgow to explain why tall buildings are less than ideal. Note that “to fling a ‘piece,’ a slice of bread and jam, from a window down to a child in the street below has been a […]

Awesome Detail

This picture of the roof-beam-column (approximate terms; it’s hard to say what is what in non-rectalinear architecture) interface at the Savill Building in Windsor, England is pretty sweet. Nice contrast of steel and wood. The (presumably) cast joint is very clean.

It’s pretty stereotypically engineer-ish of me to be find elegant structural connections the most […]

Midnight Cricket Showdown

I don’t actually know what cricket is or why you have to play it with a fraternity’s hazing paddle, but am glad that it’s finally being used to liberate the struggling proles from their nefarious capitalist oppressors. It’s about damn time.

In the Space Hijackers 4th Midnight Cricket match, the Anarchists battled the Capitalists […]