The Nonviolent Extermination of the Rich

Mike Meginnis cracks me up:

…my preference would be the version that doesn’t require murdering the ruling class and anyone else who gets in our way. At least we could fail humanely.

My alternative would be capitalism with limits — allow people to seek profits, but under serious guidelines and with tremendous, progressive taxation. A […]

Dubai: Workers’ Paradise

In a report titled “Building Towers, Cheating Workers,” published last November, HRW catalogued a host of abusive practices including nonpayment of wages, squalid or dangerous working and living conditions, and the denial of proper medical care. It stated that in 2004 alone, more than 800 construction workers died out of an estimated 2.7 million—although the […]

Drowning the Patriarchy…or something

Before this site was founded with the goal of becoming the web’s #1 source for phallic building news, Litbrit was on the case. From back in July, she brings us mocking of the Hydropolis Underwater Hotel, which breaks with the angular phallacy of the past to explore a more organic kind male structural forms. The […]

3am Roundup

I went hiking today and neglected the internets. Disengaging actually feels pretty good, which is worrisome. I wouldn’t want to develop bad meatspace habits that interfere with my blogging. My readers (-der?) would cry.

Anyway, assorted thoughts:

Predictably, I join with my similarly draft-age comrades, Matt Zeitlin and Mike Meginnis in opposing the return of […]

The Jeely Piece Song

To continue my skyscraper hating, here’s a humorous song quoted in A Pattern Language to allow the children of Glasgow to explain why tall buildings are less than ideal. Note that “to fling a ‘piece,’ a slice of bread and jam, from a window down to a child in the street below has been a […]

Plan Voisin

And here’s the picture of Le Corbusier’s Plan Voisin for Paris that I was just talking about:

Also,the Affordable Housing Institute (from whence this picture comes) has a nice (if old) blog post on Reinventing Public Housing.

Le Corbusier

Today I’m feeling a little guilty* about the fact that I named this blog after Le Corbusier and have yet to write about him (this smidgen in my very first post hardly counts). I’ve been trying to compose an epic that actually ties together modern architecture and radical politics, which is my (heretofore not manifested) […]

More Edu

I think we’re getting close to answering the world’s questions about education, the universe, and everything, so I’ll throw some more random thoughts up at this juggernaut of an education post over at Ways to End the World. An excerpt:

…kids with annual incomes of 104,000 or 164,000 a year — including, I suppose, him […]

Rich People Zoos

Who among us has not wondered about the habits and rituals of the rich exclusive? Now, you too can know the secrets of those mischievous Brentwood residents. Just go to the nearest viewing platform, set up by Heavy Trash, and gaze in wonder…

It saddens me that the group hasn’t publicized a project in more […]

It’s Hard Out Here for a Student

Over at Ways to End the World, Mike Meginnis notes ever-escalating college tuition and the problems with students on merit-based scholarships under performing and suggests that all college aid should be need-based. Without merit aid, students wouldn’t be insulated from their university’s tuition increases, and so the universities would be loath to raise costs. Also, […]

Disaster Relief as Class Warfare

One of the problem with arguments that New Orleans shouldn’t be rebuilt (7/20/07 post, no permalink) is that they ignore our government’s history of rebuilding towns in hazardous environments.

In 1993 Malibu had its worst fire since the 1930s, killing 3 and doing $1 billion in damage. The town occupies the narrow strip of land […]

Chasing After Corbu

…so as to be better positioned to throw heavy cooking implements at him.

I know I’m ruining the ending (and at the very beginning no less), but the basic conceit of this blog is that Le Corbusier is a stand-in for industrialization and centralized control as much as […]