Very Baudrillard

“…the execs are aboard a pair of helicopters racing vertiginously 150 feet over collapsed buildings, desert-camouflage Humvees, and the muddy rivers that once cradled civilization. It’s like being plunged into the dense, dizzying pixels of an Xbox game.”

I can’t tell if this is a joke or if Wired writers just typically treat video games […]

Happy 9/11 Cards?!

So I’m still not really blogging, but I got directed to check out this website that purports to sell 9/11 greeting cards, and wanted to talk about it. Maybe I’m just beyond outrage at this point, but the whole concept strikes me as pretty benign.

“Oh, people find this day tragic, but we’re going to […]

Begging: Not actually a mean thing that poor people do to rich people to annoy them

Sadly, today my hopes that public transit would be a panacea for anti-social behavior were, once again, dashed. PT: not a sufficient condition for people to develop enough affinity for their fellow man to avoid being mean to beggers.

Today, as I left the metro a woman was asking for money for food. Not uncommon. […]

The Ayn Rand School for Tots

Do you think if I named my charter school this, there’s enough diehard Simpsons fans out there to populate it with hilarious children? Second question, could we still get the money if we fake-added the Fountainhead to our curriculuum?

Update: Someone is already doing this in The City. Clever Hippies.


1000 Coders at 1000 Typewriters

While doing ‘research’ into computer gaming lore, I stumbled onto this map of Quake’s children:

Mostly, I don’t understand how there could possibly be so much variation in the first-person shooter genre. I mean, you’re basically (only?) holding a gun and shooting things; how different can electroquake be from ezquake?

All this to say, […]

A Question:

If I were to spend $500 and the next two weeks of my life on this:

Would that be just awesome?


Would it be the most brilliantly awesome thing in the history of humanity?

I really just can’t decide…

Big Brother Dolan

Seth at Posting and Toasting:

…if both sides got Thunder Stix, we bitter Knick fans would surely be compelled to attack our own players with noisy distraction as an indicator of our discontent. Limit it to one side, one half, and the opposing team is the only viable target. The Dolan regime is censoring you […]


In my former life as a high school debater, I once faced a guy who kept accusing me of possessing “audacious audacity” to forward some argument (presumably meaning the words in the pejorative sense). I’ve long since forgot the matter in dispute — but not the ridiculous word choice! — and so it was hard […]

Resistance is Futile

Manufacturing Nostalgia:

Maybe Professor Rheingold momentarily forgot that democratizing media inherently diminishes the aura and authority of any so-called experts. Or maybe not even media democracy will stop academics from being pretentious tools.

That ‘media democracy’ was your last, best shot against the scourge of academic pretension should make it clear that you are doomed […]

Dancing with Corbu

The best modernist architecture ballet I’ve ever seen. (Update: the embed doesn’t work with this video for some reason, but here’s another clip, taken from the earlier frantic naked man portion of the performance:)

Clearly, the Bauhaus transparency fetish is being parodied by the set designers cliche use of aligned screens to create a tenuous […]


I know it’s fun to laugh at the Japanese, but if there was a candidate named Bakersfield, I would support them unconditionally.

What are the odds that the man visits the town on his first state visit to Japan (knock on wood)? 2-1? There needs to be a place where I can place that bet.


White People

I find the Stuff White People Like site humorous and…annoying? The site’s a little subversive since whiteness is the privileged norm and thus not generally subject to stereotyping, which makes reading it somewhat jarring — “these are people things…not white people things…but Whole Foods is so white…arggg!” but there’s not really enough critique to fill […]

Jobs You Can Be Proud Of

Life w/out Buildings:

…the idea of Nissan building an enormous underground chamber for the explicit purpose of holding two giant robot arms completely amazes me and fills me with hope. I’ve had enough of commercial storefronts and residential remodels; its time to design some Nissan testing facilities or Gundam prototype bunkers, dammit.

If and when […]

Living Viscerally, Etc. For the Fifteenth Time?

While my brother was being born, my Dad, the doctor, and I were watching the Lakers win the ’87 championship in the waiting room (apparently, my mother was not amused at the time. Being 3 at the time, I don’t feel very guilty…) I feel that makes me a legitimate part of the team; able […]

Buildering For All

I’m a big fan of scalable architecture — go ahead and throw ladders, spiral stairs, fireman poles, terraces, monkey bars, ropes, balconies, slides, whatever up your buildings (like La Meme!). It ‘tames’ steep vertical rises making them comprehensible to users and passer-bys….and it’s just fun for getting inside to involve Rube Goldberg like complexity.

Apparently, […]

More Iron Man

Because it’s cool!