The Rochdale Society of Equitabe Pioneers

I started reading this book on cooperative stores called “Cooperative Store” because some friends were tossing around ideas, and was surprised to find out that it’s actually a nicely republished book from 1867 about cooperative stores in England in the mid-1800s. Clealry that’s going to be less useful to mine for information about the ins […]

Your Data Is Dated

I’m a little frustrated, because supporters of stock or currency transaction taxes – actual card-carrying Economists, not just moonlighting engineers like myself – have written many compelling books and articles on the contributions of short-term investors to market volatility and the ability of transaction taxes on trades to forcibly lengthen investor horizons. However, opponents of […]

Even More Econ

Mike Meginis wrestling with an invisible hand:

Most minimum wage employees are absolutely essential to our economy and quality of life, not just because we exploit them to lower prices and perform undesirable tasks but because they do jobs that need to be done. Working retail sucks, but without retail there‚Äôs no manufacture, no entertainment, […]

Tenets of After Corbu: At Least It’s an Ethos

From the comments:

My parents invented their our industry, a previously non-existant niche in the international market. This took over twenty years of endless work and sacrifice. If the government forced them to give parts of the company to their employess, tell me how that’s NOT wrong.

Explain to me why.

–Jeremy Clagett

A fair […]

Going off the Red End

Mike Meginnis:

If the rich seriously will abandon our society, this society that has helped them so much more than they deserve, then there is a solution: simply pass a law limiting the amount of funds that can be taken out of the country. Refuse capital the right to steal resources gathered and made valuable […]