Want Juice

Inexplicably, the electricity is out at my apartment building while the rest of the block continues their powered-up lives. This leaves me to deploy candles and pirate a wireless connection for entertainment from my only battery-operable device. I wonder if I could run my fridge off my laptop battery if I had to? If nothing […]

Plastic Makes it Possible

Photo by Vincent Cobb. Thanks!

What happens when you combine the evil of plastic bags with the evil of union-busting? No sun. So:

Play Nice. Use No More Plastic Bags; Go Reusable instead. Read this LAist Rant. Particularly this part: “I always had them in my car trunk with good intentions. Though, for years, […]

Trash Wars

It just came to my attention that their is an island of plastic twice the size of Texas floating through the Pacific.


Good takes this opportunity to point out that we use too many plastic bags. A legitimate point (really, if war-time patriotism meant anything, wouldn’t it mean lowering one’s consumption of useless petroleum […]

Light Pollution

The International Dark-Sky Association (warning: garish site design) defines light pollution as:

Any adverse effect of artificial light, including sky glow, glare, light trespass, light clutter, decreased visibility at night, and energy waste.

I first heard about these guys when a commenter in Architectural Record complained that a picture caption that lauded a building for […]

Lights Out…Now

I’m turning out all my lights for an hour as part of a Lights Out LA energy conservation project. This is a big sacrifice for me, because I’m afraid of the dark. And I don’t really believe in individual action to fix structural social ills. But I’m feeling generous tonight (and I need to balance […]

Peace & Climate Change

Lorenloo builds up a solid rant around Gore’s award, and while I’m all for that, I want to point her to the Nobel PR on why climate change work justifies a peace prize.

Extensive climate changes…may induce large-scale migration and lead to greater competition for the earth’s resources. Such changes will place particularly heavy burdens […]


LA Times does a profile of Freegans living in…New York! Similar to the NY Times longer, better article from back in June. Now I’m a fierce defender of LA against the New York evangelists, but the LA paper makes it hard when they get scooped by 3 months. Plus, I know LA has it’s own […]

GW Deniers

This post at Pax Americana does a good job explaining why the global warming “moderates” such as Samuelson are a big part of the problem right now. Bush’s 28% are going to oppose action on this issue to the death (literally), and real change requires the moderates (read: those Republicans who don’t completely hate science) […]


I like that term. I might just start referring to myself as a hippie-tect. Thank you Dwell posting on Earthships.

What appeals to me most about Earthship construction (and it is not the aesthetics) is that they demonstrate how a lot of our industrial infrastructure could be decentralized. Need power? Use photovoltaics! Need water? Set […]