Used to say you were flawed if you weren’t free

Not that she let’s John Edwards completely off the hook, but this passage by Caitlin Flanagan describing Rielle Hunter is appalling:

…his (former) mistress, a known hellcat who has been flummoxing boy-men since the ’80s and whose rage over Elizabeth’s book is held in check only (and here I’m admittedly basing my speculation largely on […]

The Left Hand of Feminism

When an article begins with the line “Modern women are turning their husbands into ‘male-female hybrids’…”, it really needs to be about an evil Doctress Frankenstein creating genetic monstrosities beyond the wildest dreams of Ursula Le Guin.

Very disappointing to find out that the problem’s just that the women are all uppity and so now […]

Women’s Ad-Lib

The Onion has apparently seized control of NOW. Funny that I don’t recall similar hyperbole from ’04 when Kennedy went with Kerry over Carol Mosley Braun…

A Box Office Smash

Today’s NY Times article on how animated animal blockbusters distort/fabricate animal gender roles is fascinating, especially when it starts imagining what a realistic Bee Movie would include:

Should a queen fly by, she may be mobbed by a dozen or more males, each seeking the chance to love her to death: bee flinging, like bee […]

Follicular Madness

As someone who rocks a beard, and has had bedroom-related insecurities about said beard, April Smear’s LAist anti-beard screed hit a soft spot. Until I realized the porn industry was the cause of my discomfort, then I just got mad:

Also, if I’m expected to have a trimmed or shaved puss, a guy can at […]

Samizdat No More

I was once told that the English translation of The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir (friendly Marxists provide the full text here) was horrible, and handed a photocopied package of errata to use while reading. At the time, I thought it was odd that, were the translation really so bad, such an important book […]

Critiquing Feminists (or not)

Wherein I explain why I am loathe to criticize posts or comments at the big Feminist blogs.

A history: In an earlier post I suggested that it was sexist to dedicate yourself to arguing against women, and came down hard on a male blogger for it. At the same time I ignored the female blogger, […]

Not Sober Enough

The abortion-study blowup (with posts by Jill and Mike probably the last gasp), caused me to look into something.

Comprehensive list of woman criticized by John Cain:

Zuzu Jessica Valenti Garance Franke-Ruta Dana Goldstein Kathryn Jean Lopez Amanda Marcotte Deborah Tornello (in comments) Tania Head

Comprehensive list of men criticized by John Cain:

Gregg Easterbrook […]

Certain Blogs…Vex me

So the LAist drives me a bit crazy. It’ll have enjoyable articles about LA (such as the ones about downtown drive-in, parkour, 5 dollar guy, or area neighborhoods), but the gems appear admidst a dozen other lesser articles, making it difficult to separate the good from the bad. Then it’ll have 40-picture long photo essays […]


I love football. I can’t stand most football fans. This shirt reminds me why USC Fans are especially annoying.

Vacuum Vibrator

The Housework is so sexy, it’ll make you come post at Feministe introduced me to the above products from Vortex Vibrations, which allow you to convert electricity into orgasms using your vacuum cleaner. Clearly this is the biggest thing to happen to housecleaning since the washing machine, and makes me wish my apartment had […]

Easy to Drive in Heels!

I enjoy the sentiment that the perfect American car is one that reinforces the patriarchy. It feels right.

A Hair of One’s Own (sorry)

…the evidence I’ve studied and my life experiences all suggest that men and women are like two overlapping Venn diagrams in almost everything. Partly different and partly the same.

Eek! Gender…not…binary? Does…not…compute….(Combustion)

The Goddess has/had a great post about The Armpit Wars. A portion:

The reactions to the armpit hair revolution were swift and of […]

Architectural Flashing

…and I don’t mean waterproofing.

I’m a big fan of Norman Foster’s buildings, including the Hearst Tower at left, but it seems it has a few glitches — such as the glass escalators, which allow visitors a view up the skirts of riders. As if women didn’t have their hands full contending with the […]

Urine Your Way

Seeing this article (via Feministing) on a new female urinal propelled me to do some research (I googled “female urinal”), and discover that there are a ridiculous number of systems available for the standing inclined.

Unfortunately most are creepy and little better than jugs or bedpans. It reminds me once again of sorry state of […]

The Kids Are Mostly Alright

Or at least not as bad as this video at Shakesville. What saddens me most about this pageant is that I hear intelligent commentary on social issues from teenage women all the time — at debate tournaments. If Miss Teen USA 2007 wanted to actually be scholarship focussed they could do away with the softcore […]