Where the phallacies have no name

…except, possibly “U2 Tower.” <Cringe>

It’s like the gods could tell I was looking for content and sent Pax Corey, prophet that he is, along to proclaim the wonder attrocity that is this planned Dublin development. Of course it’s not so much phallic as cheese-grater-ish, but regardless represents a huge departure (at least in this […]

Virgin Galactic Spaceport

I know I see body parts everywhere in buildings, but tell me this doesn’t look like labia:

The facility is being design by Norman Foster to be built in New Mexico, and according to Good:

Flights would (will?) begin in 2009 and cost somewhere between $100,000 and $200,000. Just to be clear, the ships […]

Architectural Flashing

…and I don’t mean waterproofing.

I’m a big fan of Norman Foster’s buildings, including the Hearst Tower at left, but it seems it has a few glitches — such as the glass escalators, which allow visitors a view up the skirts of riders. As if women didn’t have their hands full contending with the […]