Stone & Diamond Facades

Reading Reluctant Metropolis, I discover that the above Disney Concert Hall was originally intended to be clad in stone. This was later changed to steel as a cost-saving measure. Hard to imagine the building different than it is now, harder to believe Gehry was actually willing to go with a less space-age look.

This […]

Chomsky on Gehry

I know this is really old, but it just kills me:

Chomsky, on the other hand, spent decades in the beloved Building 20, MIT’s ”Magical Incubator.” He would go back in a minute. In Chomsky’s eighth-floor office, the walls slant in. ”If you look in the corner, you get vertigo,” he says.

”The first time […]

Ball Pits?

There’s a beautiful one at MIT’s Simmons Hall and a gross one at your local Chuck-E-Cheese, and they strike me as creepy in both locations. In the latter I remember being constantly worried that some monster I couldn’t see was going to eat my legs, a la Star Wars. In the former, I’d be worried […]