Follicular Madness

As someone who rocks a beard, and has had bedroom-related insecurities about said beard, April Smear’s LAist anti-beard screed hit a soft spot. Until I realized the porn industry was the cause of my discomfort, then I just got mad:

Also, if I’m expected to have a trimmed or shaved puss, a guy can at […]

Not Sober Enough

The abortion-study blowup (with posts by Jill and Mike probably the last gasp), caused me to look into something.

Comprehensive list of woman criticized by John Cain:

Zuzu Jessica Valenti Garance Franke-Ruta Dana Goldstein Kathryn Jean Lopez Amanda Marcotte Deborah Tornello (in comments) Tania Head

Comprehensive list of men criticized by John Cain:

Gregg Easterbrook […]

Peace & Climate Change

Lorenloo builds up a solid rant around Gore’s award, and while I’m all for that, I want to point her to the Nobel PR on why climate change work justifies a peace prize.

Extensive climate changes…may induce large-scale migration and lead to greater competition for the earth’s resources. Such changes will place particularly heavy burdens […]

Andrew Sullivan = Racist?

See what I did there? By putting a question mark at the end of my post title, I make it clear I’m just a curious fellow, and in no way insulting the character of that lovable blogger “of no party or clique.”

Now, Mike Meginnis used a period instead. Silly man. Now I have to […]

Chuck E. Cheese

I never would have thought this staple of my childhood could age so poorly, but it has happened — possibly because I have reached parenting age. Numerous posts document the atrocities:

Chuck E Cheese: an Investigation Chuck E Cheese Hell Chuck E. Cheese: Where A Kid Can Be A Huge Pain In The Ass Chuckie […]

Chomsky on Gehry

I know this is really old, but it just kills me:

Chomsky, on the other hand, spent decades in the beloved Building 20, MIT’s ”Magical Incubator.” He would go back in a minute. In Chomsky’s eighth-floor office, the walls slant in. ”If you look in the corner, you get vertigo,” he says.

”The first time […]

Baptists for Psrodt

Visiting Jesus Politics (it is Sunday), I ran across a link to The Curse of Ham: Why Barack Hussein Obama Will Never Be President, brought to us by Baptists for Brownback. The post relies on racist theology to explain why Obama can’t be president, and the commenters take the ball and run with it to […]

Forcing the Pen

I’m fairly new to this whole blogging thing, and there’s a lot of things I don’t know. For instance, I didn’t know you were supposed to blog from and efficiency apartment in a bathrobe with a modem while being named Vinny. I feel like a jerk for missing the memo. I also didn’t know that […]

Wiki Oppression

Apparently, the sastren of neologism are under attack by the evil Wikipedia empire. They can’t get a break.

Neologist Joy From Wayback

While tooling around the intertubes, I happened upon this little bit of blog advice from 2002:

If you’re a woman who hates men, make sure to use a lot of odd misspellings, such as womyn and grrls to let men know that you hate them. Make lame comments about how all men are pigs in […]

Major Hating

Annie Choi’s letter “Dear Architects, I am sick of your shit.” (via PartIV) is all hilarious, but this is my favorite part:

And then you say now I am designing a lifestyle center, and I ask what is that, and you say it is a place that offers goods and services and retail opportunities and […]