Radicalization Under the Scalpel

The lesson of the testimony of A Conservative Convert to Socialized Medicine seems to be that to win the health care debate we need to infect conservatives with life-threatening diseases and send them to France. I’m developing a 7-point plan to make this a reality; will report back.

Animal Farm Now

I put my cat to sleep yesterday. She was old and had multiple health problems and had been sick to varying degrees as long as I’ve known her, but…it still hurt a lot. A lot more than I thought it would, given that I knew this would happen eventually.

I wasn’t going to blog about […]

Ball Pits?

There’s a beautiful one at MIT’s Simmons Hall and a gross one at your local Chuck-E-Cheese, and they strike me as creepy in both locations. In the latter I remember being constantly worried that some monster I couldn’t see was going to eat my legs, a la Star Wars. In the former, I’d be worried […]

HS Debate ’08

So this year’s High School Policy Debate topic is:

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its public health assistance to Sub-Saharan Africa.

And I’ve been thinking about this off and on for the last few weeks. (Yes, this is where I brandish my true-nerd membership card and reveal my previous life as […]

Taxing Mary Jane

I may have been watching too much Weeds, but this billions from marijuana proposal strikes me as an excellent deal. And the LAist article even has a good angle on getting Schwarzenegger to sign on: call him a girlie man.


A couple months ago I sucumbed to prodding and agreed to participate in a communal purified water purchasing, after a lifetime of drinking tap. Of course, as soon as I assimilate, it comes out that purified water is from tap. I feel simultaneously silly and vindicated.

Duh, National HC = Eugenics

Edwards does a really good job telling the story of a man who had to wait 50 years to get surgery on his cleft palate in Canada’s socialized health care system West Virginia. That said, I think Neil is overly optimistic to think this will end the anecdote war, though it may cause a transformation. […]