I’m a famous architect, bitches.

I found Corbu’s MySpace profile today.

Critiquing Skyscrapers

I make fun of skyscrapers a lot, so I thought I should back up my scorn with some substantive arguments. Here they are:

Their is abundant evidence to show that high buildings make people crazy.

High buildings have no genuine advantages, except in speculative gains for banks and landowners. They are not cheaper, they […]

Plan Voisin

And here’s the picture of Le Corbusier’s Plan Voisin for Paris that I was just talking about:

Also,the Affordable Housing Institute (from whence this picture comes) has a nice (if old) blog post on Reinventing Public Housing.

Le Corbusier

Today I’m feeling a little guilty* about the fact that I named this blog after Le Corbusier and have yet to write about him (this smidgen in my very first post hardly counts). I’ve been trying to compose an epic that actually ties together modern architecture and radical politics, which is my (heretofore not manifested) […]

Chasing After Corbu

…so as to be better positioned to throw heavy cooking implements at him.

I know I’m ruining the ending (and at the very beginning no less), but the basic conceit of this blog is that Le Corbusier is a stand-in for industrialization and centralized control as much as […]