How Gay is UCLA?

Hard to say, but:

How Gay is UCLA? – Learn why UCLA was named one of the top 20 schools for LGBT students and how you as an LGBT or ally person fit in. We have something for everyone!

This is one of the orientation sessions for the new school year, by which I imply […]

You’re Hurting America

I agree with the arguments at Ways to End the World (here and here) that Tucker should have to turn in his pundit car keys for his interview at MSNBC. Of course, his assholery mostly exists in the tone of his statements, without a “nappy-headed hos” smoking gun, so I think he’s safe. Sadly.

What […]

More Phelps

We all thought he was going to Minnesota…but apparently he had to make a quick stop somewhere else God hates:

Los Angeles!!!


Anyway, I wanted to pass on this fundraising letter from the LA Gay & Lesbian Center in response to Phelps hate.