Hacking No Child Left Behind

It’s hard to describe how awesome it is to see that my former high school district is manipulating No Child Left Behind in such innovative ways. I’m almost proud.

Basically, NCLB school evaluation in Califnornia is based on the percent of 10th graders who pass the HS Exit Exam. It doesn’t matter if the student […]

Thank you RISA

Because of you, when the boss catches us having rubber band fights we can always just say: “I’m iterating for p-delta.”

Similar to coders really.

Update: It’s embarrassing when you misspell the punchline.

The New After Corbu

If you are self-employed, and therefore actually visit the website of blogs you read — as opposed to the rest of us who use RSS readers to mask with javascript our non-work-related internet usage — than you have no doubt noticed that this blog has changed it’s look a bit.

The new header features a […]

Where I Am After Corbu

This is the first of what I am sure will be many bad psuedo-puns, as I try to bring down the level of discourse at my new home. The news: I have signed on with Where to blog about cities, urban activism, and the politics of space in general. I’m excited to join a talented […]

Martian Wordle

So, despite my general tendency to find all internet traditions lame, I think these wordles are pretty awesome and I made one for my Mars structural design project (and lo and behold, those are amongst the most common words). Impressively, the script processed my 100+ page paper in a scant few seconds. I am overwhelmed […]

this is really what I do every day

No joke: this is Joe living my life. (h/t: Lewism)

Quixote To Be Kicked Around No More

In case it hasn’t been obvious for some time, I’ve all but shuttered this blog. I just don’t have the time to post enough to make this project real to me, if that makes sense. I would be interested in some kind of group-blogging situation in the future, so feel free to email me […]

Begging: Not actually a mean thing that poor people do to rich people to annoy them

Sadly, today my hopes that public transit would be a panacea for anti-social behavior were, once again, dashed. PT: not a sufficient condition for people to develop enough affinity for their fellow man to avoid being mean to beggers.

Today, as I left the metro a woman was asking for money for food. Not uncommon. […]


Light posting of late, as I’m working on a different online project that I’m quite excited about. When it’s of at least beta quality you’ll hear me chattering about it endlessly, but until then…your moment of zen phallacy:

La Live by Gensler

It’s not often you see a building get larger as it goes […]

The Gehry Punishment

I should never have poked fun at the new Thom Mayne building and the poor engineers that have to design it; today I was put on a new project team for one of the starchitect’s towers. It has a crumpled facade. The steel is kinked at every level. The diaphragms are discontinuous. Almost every one […]

Good Contractors

I’ve been desperately searching for a contractor blogger who I can vent work-related frustration on by harassing endlessly. Unfortunately, all I’ve managed to find is Tom Gerdy at Huffington Post shilling for Habitat for Humanity, so here’s my guilt-absolving link. And I’m sure most contractors have hearts of gold, but my antagonists today seemed to […]


In my former life as a high school debater, I once faced a guy who kept accusing me of possessing “audacious audacity” to forward some argument (presumably meaning the words in the pejorative sense). I’ve long since forgot the matter in dispute — but not the ridiculous word choice! — and so it was hard […]

Debate Nostalgia Blogging

Birthdays = existential angst, and so I spent a not inconsiderable portion of the weekend unsure what I want or what I’m doing. Watching Rocket Science didn’t really help (unsatisfying ending!) and mostly made me feel nostalgic. I never thought I’d be able to miss high school — and I don’t — but I do […]

Alt SuperSundays


I meanwhile had a total guys night during the superbowl where:

games were played (chess) alcohol was drunk (red wine) porn was watched (boogie nights) pizza was eaten (after reading yelp reviews for an hour)

So I had like the effete intellectual version of a guys night out. It was awesome.


Anxious Watching

My wife had a school deadline earlier today and amidst technological malfunctions is trying to get her stuff turned while it’s still today. I can’t really help except to suggest things she’s already tried every few minutes and passively experience all the builtup tension in the room. The downside to caring about people intensely: you […]

Charitable Quantz

I once had a very long philosophical conversation about this very issue with a homeless man at a greyhound station. He was not amused; he was hungry. I still don’t understand the best behavior. There’s too many tradeoffs involved:

immediate vs long term action individual vs collective efforts personal vs structural change

Of course, right […]