I found an excerpt from this graphic story (is “comic” an insult?) called 976 sq ft. at Life Without Buildings, which “tells the tale of a modern residential tower rising in a quickly gentrifying neighborhood” and it’s detrimental psychological impact on a couple across the street, and I felt a little guilty. Half of my […]

Centripetal Forces

Not to be confused with Centipetal Forces, the militia units of the the Centipede army.

This xkcd got me thinking: High school physics, where most kids are told about the fictitious status of centrifugal forces, generally sticks to Newtonian physics. This makes sense because pre-modern, F=ma primitivism are the most useful sort of physics to […]

Want Juice

Inexplicably, the electricity is out at my apartment building while the rest of the block continues their powered-up lives. This leaves me to deploy candles and pirate a wireless connection for entertainment from my only battery-operable device. I wonder if I could run my fridge off my laptop battery if I had to? If nothing […]

Day of the Dead Forever

Photo by Xispas. Thanks!

Today is the awesome Dias de los Muertos at Hollywood Forever Cemetery,and if you’re in LA, you really should go. Families line the pathways with altars to dead loved ones packed with pictures, favorite foodstuffs, stuffed animals, etc. (It’s something of a mindfuck regarding the ways we’re remembered after we’re […]

Localized Simulacra

I have been to Disneyland three times.

First, as a child, an experience I do not remember. I am told I sat down in the parking lot and declared I was going to die if I had to walk any farther. My hatred for parking lots started early.

Second, as a teenager to participate in […]

Hitting the Big Time

Now that After Corbu is the #74 Architecture Blog on the web, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate all the readers of this site. Clearly you are a brilliant bunch, or you wouldn’t visit such an awesome site.

I jest (re: my ego, not your intelligence), but I am legitimately excited when anyone […]

Steel Work

“Old-timer, keeping up with the boys. Many structural workers are above middle-age. Empire State [Building]” Photograph by Lewis Hine, 1930 (check out more of his work at the National Archives).

I’ve been spending most of my work-time on the engineering for a 700-foot steel building, and so it’s neat to see all the small […]

Hello Out There

So I dropped this blog without even a “So long and thanks for all the fish.” That’s just how cold I am.

Actually, I’m just binge-oriented, and feel the need to block out my time in dozen-hour blocks. My new job, which wrought devastation upon the leisure-filled days of summer, has also reduced my free-time […]

I turned my red house blue!

or rather, non-VOC Cerulean.

Political change never smelled so sweet. If only my walls could vote…


Work is enveloping me. There is no escape. Posting will decline. So sad.


Done moving; now unpacking.

My arms are soar.

I don’t want to go to work on Monday.

General Whine.

Then: a couple bikers pedal by, hitting their bells and frames to make beats, and giggling. A small child of indeterminable ethnicity pulls a dolly with one small box on it up to his new home […]

Boxes Abound

So I’m packing up my possessions and officially moving to LA. Which once again reminds me: I have way to much shit.


I Am An Engineer

Picture from sam brown, explodingdog. Thanks!

Certain Blogs…Vex me

So the LAist drives me a bit crazy. It’ll have enjoyable articles about LA (such as the ones about downtown drive-in, parkour, 5 dollar guy, or area neighborhoods), but the gems appear admidst a dozen other lesser articles, making it difficult to separate the good from the bad. Then it’ll have 40-picture long photo essays […]

All Syndicalist and No Anarcho-

These beliefs are probably why I don’t have very many anarchist friends. Collaborating with liberals to bring about an incrementalist “revolution” is hardly an orthodox approach among the libertarian socialist set. Voting and holding down a bourgeois job in a skyscraper is just plain heretical. I’ve mostly made peace with my “radical liberalism,” but I […]

Baker vs. Barstow

All I ask of a movie is that it have a plot. That’s it. If something — anything — is happening, I’ll get sucked in and need to watch to the end. (Most recent example: The Core. Shudder.)

My younger brother has been working as a grip on movies (I’m not sure what this means), […]