The electoral vanguard will not be uninsured

I know that chicken little can be a useful role to play, and I want to see the health care debate pushed left as much as the next blogger, but I also feel bound to abide by certain numbers. The collective blow-up over Baucus’s bill (see TPM, Pandagon, NMMNB, & LGM), while completely justified on […]

The New After Corbu

If you are self-employed, and therefore actually visit the website of blogs you read — as opposed to the rest of us who use RSS readers to mask with javascript our non-work-related internet usage — than you have no doubt noticed that this blog has changed it’s look a bit.

The new header features a […]

Redesign Deployment In Progress

Site’s going to be offline for a bit while I convert it to the new awesomeness. Yes this is what I do after midnight on a Friday. What can I say, I’m a sick human being.

In the interim, go watch this.

Update: And we’re back. Still some issues to work out so we’ll stick […]

Coming Soon

So I think I’ve gotten my blogging self together a bit after a…well, let’s call it an underutilized opportunity to participate in The Where Experience (which is going strong and I highly recomment the blog), and will now be using this space again. We’ll see if that’s true. But I have so many things I […]

Corbu Wants You

…to enjoy the relaunch of After Corbu, now complete with:

consistent posting! actual discussion of the politics of space + structure! heretofore unknown brilliance! more structural engineering nuts and bolts (sorry) than ever before! more (!) punctuation!!!

So sit back, grab some horchata, and enjoy.


Technical Difficulties

I couldn’t get video’s to embed properly, so I updated to the new version of WordPress, hoping that would help. This crashed the site, because the new version doesn’t like advanced cache plugins. Of course. A simple thing to fix…if you know what you’re doing.

Anyway, post-update the site seems to be running slowly for […]

Critiquing Feminists (or not)

Wherein I explain why I am loathe to criticize posts or comments at the big Feminist blogs.

A history: In an earlier post I suggested that it was sexist to dedicate yourself to arguing against women, and came down hard on a male blogger for it. At the same time I ignored the female blogger, […]

Not Sober Enough

The abortion-study blowup (with posts by Jill and Mike probably the last gasp), caused me to look into something.

Comprehensive list of woman criticized by John Cain:

Zuzu Jessica Valenti Garance Franke-Ruta Dana Goldstein Kathryn Jean Lopez Amanda Marcotte Deborah Tornello (in comments) Tania Head

Comprehensive list of men criticized by John Cain:

Gregg Easterbrook […]

Hitting the Big Time

Now that After Corbu is the #74 Architecture Blog on the web, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate all the readers of this site. Clearly you are a brilliant bunch, or you wouldn’t visit such an awesome site.

I jest (re: my ego, not your intelligence), but I am legitimately excited when anyone […]

Death by Meta: Art Ed.

There is a subset of contemporary art that is primarily concerned with self-examination and asks “what is art?” And then asks it again. And again. It’s a legitimate question — Tolstoy has a treatise on the subject — but I don’t see what the visual arts really add to the discussion.

I recently had the […]


So apparently there’s a lot of buzz around Female Urinals — who knew? Even more apparently, my very own little blog has the 4th best post on said topic in the whole internets. I don’t know whether to be pleased or horrified. But my emotions won’t get in the way of self-promotion. As we speak, […]

In the Saddle Again

So I am home again, and relaunching Radio Corbu. I planned on posting a but more while traveling, but my host’s computer had this annoying tick where every few minuted the cd drive would open and close and open part way then start to close only to open fully and then close. I have no […]


Posting from now until Friday the 24th will be irregular, as I’m traveling to see people I love more than you, my (possibly imagined) readers. In the meantime, read Green Mars. Don’t let the genre and cover art fool you, it’s an amazing piece of literature.

And if you’ve already read said masterpiece, check out […]

Four-Story Limit

I realized I neglected to quote Alexander’s actual design pattern about building height during Christopher Alexander Day, so here it is:

In any urban area, no matter how dense, keep the majority of buildings four stories high or less. It is possible that certain buildings should exceed this limit, but they should never be buildings […]

Back in the WWW

I’ve had company the last few days, and what with all the talk of food, music, wine, and revolution have not fit in much blogging. Now everyone’s gone, and as lonliness sets in, I turn once again to the internets for companionship.

Forcing the Pen

I’m fairly new to this whole blogging thing, and there’s a lot of things I don’t know. For instance, I didn’t know you were supposed to blog from and efficiency apartment in a bathrobe with a modem while being named Vinny. I feel like a jerk for missing the memo. I also didn’t know that […]