Republican Troop Hatin’

I knew something about the LGF blow-up (won’t link) over the military & progressives panel questioner earlier today (which will inevitably spread far and wide by tomorrow) struck me as weirdly topical, and then I remembered. We’ve just been treated to weeks of the Scott Thomas Who? There is no such Scott Thomas! “Scandal” wherein […]

When Wingnuts Invade

This post of Ezra Klein’s at Tapped, about conflict at a panel on the military and progressives at YearlyKos, really drew the chronically offended right-wingers out of the woodwork, spurred on by our friends at LGF. I wonder if this will have the staying power of “protesters spitted on returning troops and chanted ‘babykillers’” as […]

Anal Blogging

So I think I’ve figured out what the major topic divisions of this site will be and created a more hierarchal post taxonomy. The straight list was getting a bit unwieldy, and I didn’t want to cut back on my tagging…since more tags gives means I get a greater sense of accomplishment from the post.


Hell no. Because that’s just how strong I am in my faith/laziness. Generally, I post in the evening on days that aren’t Sunday. My goal is 1-2 posts of entirely new content, with 3-4 commentaries on other blogs or news happenings. I’ll probably re-evaluate everything after a few more weeks, but for now, this […]

After Corbu is Teh Shit

Since Friday, this darling little site has moved up in the Technorati ratings from 7,918,237 to 3,908,717, jumping more than four million spots. At that growth rate, this will be the #1 rated blog by Thursday, when it will be 8 days old.

Of course, even if that were to happen, it will represent a […]

Towards Accessible Politics

This Ezra Klein post about how blogs have brought political issues rather than political competition to the forefront is very good. The latter has fans much like basketball or stamp-collecting, but the former is important to us all.

Everyone cares about how their boss treats them, whether their water is safe to drink, and what […]

Chasing After Corbu

…so as to be better positioned to throw heavy cooking implements at him.

I know I’m ruining the ending (and at the very beginning no less), but the basic conceit of this blog is that Le Corbusier is a stand-in for industrialization and centralized control as much as […]