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bike in a madressa by tigrejones. Thanks!

Sometimes, I just want to be riding a bike through the souks of Marakesh.


Andrew Sullivan = Racist?

See what I did there? By putting a question mark at the end of my post title, I make it clear I’m just a curious fellow, and in no way insulting the character of that lovable blogger “of no party or clique.”

Now, Mike Meginnis used a period instead. Silly man. Now I have to […]

Giving away other people’s stuff

Reading Klein’s and Meginnis’s posts on the US & Co. giving away other people’s land for a Jewish state, I wanted to note that it seems likely that Holocaust survivors themselves would have preferred American to Palestinian land. An extended footnote in Chomsky’s Fateful Triangle (pg. 92) lays out the evidence:

To my knowledge, there […]

Dubai: Workers’ Paradise

In a report titled “Building Towers, Cheating Workers,” published last November, HRW catalogued a host of abusive practices including nonpayment of wages, squalid or dangerous working and living conditions, and the denial of proper medical care. It stated that in 2004 alone, more than 800 construction workers died out of an estimated 2.7 million—although the […]

Drowning the Patriarchy…or something

Before this site was founded with the goal of becoming the web’s #1 source for phallic building news, Litbrit was on the case. From back in July, she brings us mocking of the Hydropolis Underwater Hotel, which breaks with the angular phallacy of the past to explore a more organic kind male structural forms. The […]

Ultimate Yonic

I’d like to take a break from my phallic series to bring you the cutting edge of skyscraper design: Vaginas.

This is the CCTV Tower by OMA and is currently under construction in Beijing. This is one of my favorite new projects, not because of its anatomical references, but because the density of the […]

Ultimate Phallus*

*Until they build Next Big Thing next year.

Above is the Burj Dubai, the biggest building in the world. I’m glad the profits of petroleum resource exploitation are being well spent. I mean, the tower’s obviously a bargain at $800 billion.

Of interest to me (if no one else), it appears to use a […]