Money quote from today’s New York Times article about the Minnesota bridge collapse:

“Bolts are better,” Mr. Peterson said, “but we wouldn’t consider anything wrong with rivets.”

Yeah, except for the rivets not being strong enough, there wasn’t anything wrong with them at all…

Strange thing though: the NTSB let everyone know that something may […]

“God Hates Minnesota”

Fred Phelps is an asshole, and while there is no law against being an asshole, there is one against protesting at funerals in Minnesota, thank God. I have little doubt that this kind of over-the-top nuttery pushes the country to be more accepting of gays and, in this case, Minnesotans, but that is cold comfort […]

For Shame

Even more ridiculous than the Republicans putting tax cuts over public safety, is that they will say infrastructure and social program spending will need to be further cut to fund the increased disaster relief that is now required.

UPDATE: California Republicans are already doing their best to ensure that the next collapse happens here.


Preferred Nomenclature

While we’re talking about Minnesota, I wanted to plug a band name that some clever Twin Cities foursome should take up:


Maybe it’s not that clever, but it’s certainly better than calling yourself Anthrax because it sounds hardcore.

Uh Oh

7 killed in Minneapolis bridge collapse

Some of my structural engineering colleagues are about to lose their jobs…unless it was the contractor’s fault. Of course, the first rule of structural engineering is: It’s always the contractor’s fault.