Military Recruitment

Ezra Klein on Code Pink’s protest of a military recruiting station:

Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin says “We feel that it’s our obligation because of this war to shut down the recruiting station.” That’s silly. When you focus your protesting on the military, you distract from the argument over the war. It’s a staggeringly bad idea.


It’s a beautiful day for a coup

I looked down at the calendar to check the date and, lo and behold, it’s September 11th, the 34th anniversary of the US-backed coup that toppled President Salvador Allende and brought Pinochet to power in Chile. That act of terrorism resulted in thousands of deaths and made political prisoners of thousands more.

Of course, 6 […]

The East Will Rise Again

Today, Pax Americana displayed its IGNORANCE of the Imminent Resurrection of the USSR. Obviously, The Pax has not been following the Ground-Breaking News out of Once Upon a Time in The West, which provides UnImpeachable Evidence that the collapse of the SOVIET UNION was a Strategic Deception designed to lure the US into a False […]

Giving away other people’s stuff

Reading Klein’s and Meginnis’s posts on the US & Co. giving away other people’s land for a Jewish state, I wanted to note that it seems likely that Holocaust survivors themselves would have preferred American to Palestinian land. An extended footnote in Chomsky’s Fateful Triangle (pg. 92) lays out the evidence:

To my knowledge, there […]

Chomsky on Gehry

I know this is really old, but it just kills me:

Chomsky, on the other hand, spent decades in the beloved Building 20, MIT’s ”Magical Incubator.” He would go back in a minute. In Chomsky’s eighth-floor office, the walls slant in. ”If you look in the corner, you get vertigo,” he says.

”The first time […]

That Highway is Flattening on You

I’m reading The NAFTA Superhighway article that Yglesias linked to. Having had the pleasure of listening to conservatives rant about the NAU in person (a friend dragged me to a Minuteman rally he was documenting the craziness of), I’m glad to see a quality take-down. But here’s the part that made me laugh out loud:


Selective Service Models

The Selective Service has a name straight out of 1984, seeing as they’re not selective at all. Well, they do exclude the women, which in the minds of some dinosaurs might me ‘selective,’ since we all know men are Teh Best. However, that’s not why I brought you all here today. This image is the […]

Cox and Combes’ Washington

This video is full of thesis possibilities:

[coolplayer width=”480″ height=”380″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”0″ mediatype=””] Cox + Combes’ Washington Youtube Video [/coolplayer]

Maybe I’m just projecting my own politics, but beneath the absurd comedy, I see a clever critique of the nationalist myths surrounding the founding fathers (Even better would be a Bush video…), as […]