Counter-revolutionary design

What If New York City 3 by Studio Lindfors

This is pretty awesome, but it would make it much harder to use the political & economic disruption of a precipitous rise in sea levels to stage a world revolution.

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Steel Work

“Old-timer, keeping up with the boys. Many structural workers are above middle-age. Empire State [Building]” Photograph by Lewis Hine, 1930 (check out more of his work at the National Archives).

I’ve been spending most of my work-time on the engineering for a 700-foot steel building, and so it’s neat to see all the small […]


LA Times does a profile of Freegans living in…New York! Similar to the NY Times longer, better article from back in June. Now I’m a fierce defender of LA against the New York evangelists, but the LA paper makes it hard when they get scooped by 3 months. Plus, I know LA has it’s own […]

It’s a beautiful day for a coup

I looked down at the calendar to check the date and, lo and behold, it’s September 11th, the 34th anniversary of the US-backed coup that toppled President Salvador Allende and brought Pinochet to power in Chile. That act of terrorism resulted in thousands of deaths and made political prisoners of thousands more.

Of course, 6 […]

Football Longings

Look at how happy Oliver Willis is after his team won. I’m jealous.

Living in LA, I have no ‘real’ team to root for, as all legitimate possibilities — Chargers, Niners, Raiders, and expat Rams — don’t really feel like my team. So even though I embraced traditional masculine roles and watched football for most […]

Architectural Flashing

…and I don’t mean waterproofing.

I’m a big fan of Norman Foster’s buildings, including the Hearst Tower at left, but it seems it has a few glitches — such as the glass escalators, which allow visitors a view up the skirts of riders. As if women didn’t have their hands full contending with the […]

WTC Steel

Warped, yielded steel from this issue of Engineering News, picture taken at the WTC. It somewhat illustrates what I was talking about below — the wide flange is bent and it look like some type of edge connection broke off, but the beam as a whole is still in one piece. Mostly, I just […]

Sunday Conspiracy Blogging

By linking to this Robert Fisk article about questioning the 9/11 explanations, LitBrit produced quite a bit of commenter angst over at the House that Klein Built. As an engineer, I find the discussions of 9/11 steel collapse fascinating, and at the risk of revealing ignorance within my own field I want to wade in […]

Suburban Kids w/ Biblical Names

This clever tool brings some quantification to walkability competition, and there’s some good comments at City Comforts about the application and how different cities score.

Above are the stats for my childhood home in Bakersfield, CA. Unsurprisingly, given its slightly-better-than-suburb-but-not-much status, its performance is mediocre. If the metric took into account design, B-town would […]