Posting from now until Friday the 24th will be irregular, as I’m traveling to see people I love more than you, my (possibly imagined) readers. In the meantime, read Green Mars. Don’t let the genre and cover art fool you, it’s an amazing piece of literature.

And if you’ve already read said masterpiece, check out […]

Borg Architecture

This is the U.S. Federal Building in San Francisco. Now I find Morphosis buildings very interesting (here’s another), and I’m sure they’re well designed…but the facade strikes me as something built by Star Trek villains. Which is to say, it’s uber-industrial, hostile, and screams “don’t come near me or I’ll cut cha; I swear […]

Seals Now!

I’ve given myself an allowance of one indulgent, self-involved post a day out of the hope that that means it will always be easy to scroll past my narcissism. However, the post doesn’t count against my total if there’s something redeeming in it.

Thus, the coolness that is Elephant Seals:

Picture provided by AmazingK. […]

Ultimate Phallus*

*Until they build Next Big Thing next year.

Above is the Burj Dubai, the biggest building in the world. I’m glad the profits of petroleum resource exploitation are being well spent. I mean, the tower’s obviously a bargain at $800 billion.

Of interest to me (if no one else), it appears to use a […]

Le Corbusier

Today I’m feeling a little guilty* about the fact that I named this blog after Le Corbusier and have yet to write about him (this smidgen in my very first post hardly counts). I’ve been trying to compose an epic that actually ties together modern architecture and radical politics, which is my (heretofore not manifested) […]

More Phelps

We all thought he was going to Minnesota…but apparently he had to make a quick stop somewhere else God hates:

Los Angeles!!!


Anyway, I wanted to pass on this fundraising letter from the LA Gay & Lesbian Center in response to Phelps hate.

HS Debate ’08

So this year’s High School Policy Debate topic is:

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its public health assistance to Sub-Saharan Africa.

And I’ve been thinking about this off and on for the last few weeks. (Yes, this is where I brandish my true-nerd membership card and reveal my previous life as […]


Money quote from today’s New York Times article about the Minnesota bridge collapse:

“Bolts are better,” Mr. Peterson said, “but we wouldn’t consider anything wrong with rivets.”

Yeah, except for the rivets not being strong enough, there wasn’t anything wrong with them at all…

Strange thing though: the NTSB let everyone know that something may […]

Garage Secret Societies

At Kosmograd, there is this post featuring the garages of Murmansk, where one may have a room of one’s own, though you may need to commute to it. I’m curious what the “so much going on” actually is, as this could mean anything from watching sports to fight club. When next I make it to […]

“God Hates Minnesota”

Fred Phelps is an asshole, and while there is no law against being an asshole, there is one against protesting at funerals in Minnesota, thank God. I have little doubt that this kind of over-the-top nuttery pushes the country to be more accepting of gays and, in this case, Minnesotans, but that is cold comfort […]

Friends of Mine

Apparently, grad school is the place to be these days, as most of my friends are opting for 2, 3, or 5 more years of book learnin’. Great for them, but it has left us all scattered across the country (or at least California), which makes it hard to all live together in a big […]

Monday Morning Compensation

I’m not sure what the right word is for how I feel about unfortunate towers. Part horrified, part impressed…I mean, it’s a giant train wreck suspended in midair! People watch Nascar for hours waiting for a crash, and here’s one continuously displayed for the joy of all.

Anyway, your new headquarters for Gazprom, Russia’s national […]

SoCal Library

Nice to see this highlight of the Southern California Library, which I’ve mostly visted during their book sales to acquire classic leftist tomes. It’s a great resource both as a library and community center in South Central, and people should go there. Especially USC students in need of radicalization — it’s only 2 miles away.


For Shame

Even more ridiculous than the Republicans putting tax cuts over public safety, is that they will say infrastructure and social program spending will need to be further cut to fund the increased disaster relief that is now required.

UPDATE: California Republicans are already doing their best to ensure that the next collapse happens here.


Suburban Kids w/ Biblical Names

This clever tool brings some quantification to walkability competition, and there’s some good comments at City Comforts about the application and how different cities score.

Above are the stats for my childhood home in Bakersfield, CA. Unsurprisingly, given its slightly-better-than-suburb-but-not-much status, its performance is mediocre. If the metric took into account design, B-town would […]

Awesome Detail

This picture of the roof-beam-column (approximate terms; it’s hard to say what is what in non-rectalinear architecture) interface at the Savill Building in Windsor, England is pretty sweet. Nice contrast of steel and wood. The (presumably) cast joint is very clean.

It’s pretty stereotypically engineer-ish of me to be find elegant structural connections the most […]