Slandering Spaniards

My crack legal team is busy holding meetings and issuing memorandi to fight this cartoon, which violates the terms of use of the ‘Quixote’ handle. My namesake never tilted at abolishing the income tax! Moreover, I have it on good authority that the Don is backing someone else:



In my former life as a high school debater, I once faced a guy who kept accusing me of possessing “audacious audacity” to forward some argument (presumably meaning the words in the pejorative sense). I’ve long since forgot the matter in dispute — but not the ridiculous word choice! — and so it was hard […]

All Your Base Are Belong to Obama

The title is really all I got in response to dude becoming much more popular among the ladies (and white people!), at Clinton’s expense. Unfortunately, this means that my prediction that Edwards will win the nomination is looking more and more unlikely.


Zeitlin compares the coming Lessig for Congress campaign to Obama’s, and I’m not even going to object to the hyperbole since I’m nearly as excited. There’s been some talk in the ‘sphere that the country would be better served by FCC chairman Lessig, and while that may be true in the short-term, Lessig’s impending movement […]

Scorched Earth Capaigning

With his lever stuck on full pander, McCain had no choice, when confronted with the email revealing Obama’s secret Muslimness, but to release his own plan to help al-Qaeda win the war on terror. I don’t see very many terrorists voting for Obama now, but since the commies are still in his pocket, the anti-American […]

Making My Own Play for the Stupid Title

I’m going to punt on the question of whether Cuba’s political oppression is outweighed by its social welfare provisions, and instead point to the psuedo-Soviet client state next door, Nicaragua, as a bizarro-Cuba where there was regular democratic elections after the revolution. The result: The US spent (spends?) millions of dollars influencing the elections, enabling […]

They shall beat their swords into spaceships, and their spears into skyhooks.

Chris Bowers presents an inspiring argument for space travel and I wanted to provide my own.

Engineers are often (justifiably) stereotyped as asking ‘what is the right tool?’ but never ‘why build?’ And, indeed, the pure technical challenges of space travel excite me no end. My dream job would be Martian Structural Engineer — I […]

Pax McSweeney’s

For McCain’s VP:

Cons: JoePa is 147 years old.

Pros: He is immortal and cannot be killed by conventional means, making him a good man to step in should something happen to the President.

Convincing. And he is probably the only man in America who could make McCain look spry.

Digging deeper, if we […]

You say primary, I say…

I’ll grant you, REM lover, that caucuses are inaccessible, particularly to traditionally disadvantaged sectors, but that’s not the same thing as undemocratic. In the limit case, if one eliminated all the voting restrictions currently in place (age, citizenship, residency, not-a-felon status) you’d have a pretty radically different system — one that I could probably get […]

Seriously Guys?

Obama’s big ideological competitor is…Ron Paul?

I wondered where the Baptists for Brownback has gone after he withdrew from the race. Now I know. I only hope that years from now the performance art group collective individualitive behind the Ron Paul internet blitz holds an exhibition of all their work.


Y’know, the Nazis had Pieces of Flare

In fairness to capitalist social patterns (for which I have no love), the ability to commit atrocities whilst externalizing responsibility seems to be a common psychological trait of people in general (see: Milgram’s electrocution experiments). Admittedly, the experiments were happening within an economic context, and it’s notoriously difficult to distinguish between socialization and ‘human nature’ […]

Coke or Pepsi?

Or, stupid choices that serve mostly to distract and divide disempowered people from the true source of their problems.

If forced at gunpoint to choose a more shat-upon demographic as a voting criteria for the presidential election, then I guess I would agree with Mike, but it’s pretty problematic to compare opressivity levels. I mean, […]

Obama/Corbu ’08

California primaries today, and I’m voting for a new political architecture (groan)! With international style (groan)! And good graphic design!

As go the folk singers…

Arlo Guthrie endorses Ron Paul (aka Mothman) and I’m vaguely disappointed, as I have a positive impression of him, largely because I liked the This I Believe essay Alice wrote (she’s the restaurant proprietress from Arlo’s famous song).

But this is good news for The Sanjaya Gambit.


Vani at Shape of Now makes a convincing argument for rehabilitation of existing structures rather than constant new construction, an excerpt:

Modern construction methods are incredibly wasteful of resources. Up to 25 percent of the total waste generated in the United States, India, and other countries is directly attributed to building, construction, and demolition activities. […]


Los Angeles gives $5.5 million more to Democrats than Republicans. Way to go Hollywood Liberals!